Stay in touch with your dog.

Wherever you are.

Is your dog home alone?

SmartDog lets you talk to your dog anytime, anywhere through your iPhone or iPad.

A great addition to your daily dog care routine, SmartDog means peace of mind for you and a friendly, familiar voice for your dog when they’re home alone.

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What is SmartDog?

The first of its kind in the UK, SmartDog is a wireless communication device for your home that you can control through your iPhone or iPad.

It lets you watch, listen and talk to your dog when you're on the go - and even reward them for their good behaviour. The sensor-activated webcam will also send you an alert when your dog is close to the device and ready to interact.

With SmartDog, your best friend is always by your side.

The SmartDog Device

The SmartDog Device is a sleek, wireless device that fits on any wall in your home, and which you can control through your iPhone or iPad. It features a range of dog-friendly technology to keep you connected with your best friend.

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The SmartDog App

Your SmartDog App connects to your device, and lets you receive real time video and audio of your dog.

What you can do with the app:

  • Call your dog (with a dog-friendly ringtone)
  • Speak and listen to your dog
  • Get alerts when your dog is near the device
  • Play pre-recorded messages
  • Dispense dog rewards
  • Take a photo of your dog

What happens when I call my dog?

  1. Call your dog through the SmartDog App
  2. A SmartDog Ringtone alerts your dog at home
  3. Your dog approaches the SmartDog Device
  4. You can now watch, listen, talk to and reward your dog. You can also take a photo.

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